Milène Evers

Creativity is an important part of my life. Through the years I've tried different art forms, but my heart is in painting and jewellery making. 

Travelling is my other passion. The impressions I gain during my travels are the main inspiration for my work. In addition, events in society can be a source of inspiration.

During a year in Australia I became fascinated by the aboriginal art. I use the dots-technique to develop my own visual language and tell my own story. A story of balance, meditation, positive energy, structure, letting go and drifting away. 



Schilderij Milene Evers

About my work

I create abstract paintings with a geometric character or optical effect. I experiment with shape, colour, rhythm and structure. The dots-technique gives depth and an organic character to my work.

I'm a perfectionist, but with this painting technique I have to let go, because it is impossible to make all the dots exactly the same size and exactly in line. That perfection would also take away the playfulness and organic nature of the work and is therefore not what I want. This creates tension, but in the end letting go of perfection is liberating.

Creating is a meditative process. It gives positive energy that is reflected in my work. The dots-technique contributes to this as does the repetition that I use. The repetition is like the ripples in the surface of the water in which you can drift away.  

My work is colourful, like life and the world are. I paint with acrylic on stretched canvas, using Chinese chopsticks and skewers to apply the dots. For the finish I use varnish spray. In my jewelry I use metal settings, glass, glass beads and millefiori. All works are unique.