Milene Evers

The paintings of Milene Evers challenge the viewer. Is it work in the spirit of geometric abstract expressionism, or an interpretation of other cultural expressions? It is true that during a year in Australia Evers became fascinated by Aboriginal Art. She took their dot-technique with her to the Netherlands and there she developed it into her own and unique visual language.

Milene Evers SC459

Evers reworked the typical features of geometric abstractionism in a personal and modern way, by replacing lines with dots as the main means of expression, in addition to colour. The repetition of the same stylistic features gives her a mental relaxation. For the artist, ‘the repetition is like the ripples in the surface of the water, in which you can drift away’ and ‘creating is a meditative process’, capable of infusing positive energy in her own works. These principles play a role in both her paintings and jewellery.

Evers paints with acrylic on stretched canvas, using wooden sticks to apply the dots. In her jewellery she uses metal settings, glass, glass beads/nuggets and millefiori. All works are unique.